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ICT Governance

ICT Governance provides business efficiency, value delivery and risk management in relation to ICT costs.

ICT Governance

In the public sector, ICT Governance is a requirement for the purposes of the Auditor General audits since the Cabinet issued a directive in 2013, entrusted to the Department of Public Service (DPSA) for implementation of ICT Governance.

We are perfectly positioned to assist public sector as well as private sector in advice and the implementation of ICT Governance principles. We have extensive experience in the implementation of ICT Governance in a public sector entity and was involved with the Auditor General.


Strategic Objectives

Alignment of IT costs with strategic objectives


ICT Standards

A Implement ICT standards like Cobit, PMBOK, ITIL etc.

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Your Benefits

Governance & Compliance
  • Governance Assessment
  • ICT strategy alignment
  • Return on ICT investment
  • Roadmap for implementation
  • Setting up ICT governance structures
  • Defined policy & procedures

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Why ICT Governance

You might be wondering why spending money on ICT Governance.

ICT Governance in the Public sector

Due to the Auditor General's yearly assessment of the Public sector, ICT Governance is mandatory through a ministerial directive.

Our Approach

There are various IT Governance Frameworks, each with a different focus and approach.  We aim to assess the environment and then propose / integrate to suit the environment best.