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  • Ready for your SAFARI?


    Ready for your SAFARI?

    Feedback from tourists shows that additional
    information will enhance your safari and
    visit to South Africa. Travel Agent or
    yourself - ask the right questions:

    • where to go to?
    • what to see or expect to see?
    • what else to do?
    • where to stay and how long?
    • when is the best time to come?

    We will help you make more informed choices!
    The links on you're right and on the articles
    might help you. If not, please let us know!

  • Where to go?


    Where to go?
    South Africa offer a variety of Biomes which features different fauna and flora. The Western Cape, particularly Cape Town and vicinity, has the "Fynbos" biome, only found here.
    Even in the Kruger National Park (KNP), you will find different regions and vegetations, offering different sighting of animals. This can determine where to go, what you wish to see,
    where to stay and for how long.
  • Where to stay?


    Where to stay?
    Accommodation for your Safari can be grouped in four groups: The links will explain each in more detail.
  • What else to do?


    What else to do?
    The area around the KNP offer very exciting opportunities for example:
  • What to see?

    Different options

    What to see?

    Different regions offer different sighting opportunities. For example, Cheetahs will be less likely to find in thick bush and thorny veld. Buffalo prefer sweet grass; the Springbok is found in other parts of South Africa. Cheetahs prefer "wide open spaces" to utilise their hunting speed.

    To know the regions and where to find what, helps you to maximise your trip. More detail on attractions can be found here.

  • Best time?


    Best time?

    South Africa is such a diverse country, there is actually no bad time to come. However, different seasons offer different things to experience. May - Sep is generally considered to be the best time.

    • summer (Dec - Feb): hot and humid; lots of rain. Hatching time of many animals. Between 16° & 34° C.
    • autumn (Mar - May): Veld changes from thick lush bush to sparser brown veld, improving visibility on game drives. Between 13° - 28° C.
    • winter (Jun - Aug): Dry season with good game viewing opportunities. Between 9° & 26° C.
    • spring (Sep - Nov): The end of the dry season approaching. Good viewing, especially near water. Between 12°- 28° C.

    A more detailed discussion on the best time to come, can be found here.

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Itumelele Tourism & Transfers offers you, the tourist, advise on visiting Mpumalanga; such as on best time to visit, where to stay, itinerary, transfers etc.


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Private Transfers

Itumelele offers private transfers to and from KMIA (Nelspruit Airport) and tourist destinations as well as other executive (chauffeur) services to business executives.


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Itumelele is a company specialising in transfers to and from KMIA (Nelspruit Airport) and the Kruger National Park and other game lodges.


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  • Bridal Veil

    Bridal Veil

    Th Bridal veil waterfall

  • God's Window

    God's Window

    God's Window

  • Lisbon Falls

    Lisbon Falls

    Lisbon Falls

  • Blyde River Canyon

    Blyde River Canyon

    Blyde River Canyon

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